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“Melbourne based folk and Americana duo Great Aunt tackle the modern anxiety of missing out on their latest track “FOMO”. with bluesy slide resonator guitar and thumping bass, the vocals in this track are actually more understated than you’d imagine. This is a very modern folk song that pays tribute to the roots of the music it draws from.”

- Timber and Steel, July 2019

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“Americana usually calls to mind the bayous of Louisiana, the pocket communities of the Appalachian mountains, or the great plains of the American heartland, but Melbourne, Australia’s Great Aunt prove that, despite its name, not all great Americana comes from the United States. Comprised of songwriters Megan Bird and Chelsea Allen, Great Aunt have been steadily making a name for themselves in the Australian Country Music community since 2016 with their tight harmonies and instrumentals that are elegant in their simplicity.”

- Not a Sound, July 2019

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“Toying with a heady mix of a wailing steel-body resonator, growling double bass and a beat that'll rattle the rafters, 'FOMO' instrumentally springs to mind days gone by; of speakeasies and tumbleweeds rolling in America's deep south. But this ain't no hoedown and Great Aunt aren't just here to throw down old-timey tones, instead throwing a sharply modern twist to proceedings with their whispered vocals covering the titular modern acronym - the fear of missing out.

Whipping up a release that comfortably blends simplistically bold modern-Americana with contemporary anxieties of craving validation and purpose, 'FOMO' is a captivating homage and expansion on traditional folk genres, and one that signals some significant excitement ahead from the ladies and their upcoming debut album.”

- The Soundcheck, July 2019



“The term FOMO, for the uninitiated, means ‘fear of missing out’, which can become a compulsion – that is, some people get so caught on the idea that they’re missing out on something that FOMO dictates how and what they do. In the single Great Aunt have conjured that feeling of compulsion through hypnotic slide guitar, heartbeat-like double bass and vocals that sound tentative yet defiant. It’s a clever, effective use of sound to reinforce lyric, and it makes for an irresistible song that, in its own way, becomes addictive.”

- Jolene The Country Music Blog, July 2019



“ […] folk-based Americana music tinged with shades of bluegrass and gospel. For an Australian band, they have a great handle on the Americana sound and could quite easily compete with American bands in this genre. […] We would love to see them tour the States, and believe they would be quite successful.”

- Indie Voice Blog, 2018



“With the release of an ambitious debut EP, Great Aunt have begun to define for themselves a unique path in folk and Americana music. […] ‘A Mess That I Left’ [is] a simple and evocative debut that combines elements of contemporary folk and Americana with the traditions of old time, bluegrass and gospel music.”

- Bellbottom Magazine #77, September 2018



“For those yet to discover Great Aunt, they’re an Americana/roots duo from Melbourne, a collaboration between songwriter/instrumentalists Megan Bird and Chelsea Allen, drawing attitude and inspiration from their diverse musical backgrounds in punk, blues, jazz and roots music. Sierra Hull meets Tom Waits in Louisiana, you could say. I’d jump on the bandwagon now; these ladies are going to be HUGE!”

- Country Update Magazine (Issue 90)